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Learn to Cook Tempered Red Lentils (Tarka Dal) & Carrot Salad With Manju Malhi This Friday

British food TV star Manju Malhi is back! Chef Manju will be making Tarka Dal and Carrot Salad. Check out the recipe so you can get the ingredients and cookalong with her this Friday at 10AM GMT.

How to Start Your Cooking Business From Home: Livestreaming Tips and Tricks for Hosting a Fantastic Online Cooking Class

Maybe you've tuned into some live cookalongs on Crafted or even cooked along with the creator. You have some amazing recipes up your sleeve and are curious what it would be like to host your own live cooking show. If so, this guide is for you!

The Best Indian Dishes for Spice Lovers

A true Crafter isn't afraid of a little heat! As a nod to the Indian Cooking Club on Crafted, here's our roundup of our favorite spicy Indian dishes

Indian Masala 7 Different Ways

Explore beyond Chicken Tikka Masala

Manju Malhi Cooks Her Shahi Paneer Recipe Live on Crafted

We are thrilled to have Chef Manju Malhi host her first live cookalong for the Indian Cooking Club on Crafted on Thursday April 22nd at 11am GMT! She will be making Shahi Paneer — an exquisite North Indian dish that directly translates to "royal cottage cheese" or "regal cheese." If you'd like to cook along, please find the ingredients below!

The Best Indian Recipes for Vegans

Indian food Indian food is versatile, delicious, and perfect for everyone who craves flavor! Here at Crafted, we have chosen to highlight Indian food because of the rich culture that is behind each dish. With both vegetable based and meat based dishes, people of all dietary restrictions can enjoy this cultural food.

Pilau Rice with Aromatic Spices and Mixed Fruits (Kashmiri Pulao) by Mridula Baljekar

Award-winning cookery writer, Mridula Baljekar is the best-selling author of many Indian cookery books. She was born and raised in Assam, in North East India and when she moved to England, she turned her childhood passion for cooking into a highly successful career. Her first book, The Complete Indian Cookbook, was published in 1990 and sold over a million copies worldwide. Mridula will be showing us how to make a recipe from her latest cookbook live on April 6th!

Anda Curry Live Cookalong with Vasanti of Signature Concoctions

On Thursday, March 24th at 7PM ET, Vasanti will be showing us how to make a recipe from her cookbook, the Anda Curry, a classic Indian curry made by poaching eggs in a medium spicy, flavorful curry. You can tune in to hang out and chat with Vasanti, or cook along with the live cooking demo!




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