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Get high quality user generated video content from vetted food content creators for your organic and paid social campaigns. Increase brand awareness and conversions with authentic videos that provide social proof.
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Why you need a scalable UGC strategy


80% of consumers say that UGC impacts
their decision to purchase.

51% of consumers say less than half of brands create content that
resonates as authentic.


UGC results in 29% higher web conversions than campaigns or
website without it.

Ads with UGC creative get 4x higher CTR and 50% less CPC than average.


Brands are spending as much as $250k per yearon agencies
or in-house content creators.

Brands are spending up to 25 hours per week doing manual influencer outreach and negotiation.

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How Crafted works

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What brands are saying

Ready to be a leading innovator in Food CPG?

"We've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on highly produced photos and videos, but it hasn't been converting. Our highest performing content is low fi testimonials and recipes created by regular people."

"All of our TikTok and Reels content that you see is created by me whenever I have time. Crafted has taken that burden off of my plate so I can focus on the more urgent stuff."

"I've been creating content for our social media but it would be more effective if we were showcasing other people using our product."

"It's great when creators reach out asking to make content, but it's super tedious negotiating rates, getting addresses, and finding the right folks one by one."


Get up close and personal with Step into the home kitchens of your favorite foodies to learn how to slice, dice, and simmer like a pro


Stock up your kitchen with real time creator favorites from knives to spices to pasta — purchasable directly from the cooking show.


Crafted is like the chill, relatable Food Network. None of the commercials, production, or TV stars, but all of the bloopers and authenticity.
Crafted creators
two girls cooking vegan low carb spaghetti on a livestream cooking show
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