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Influencer Marketing Offering

Influencer Marketing

Tap into TikTok & Instagram's vast, engaged audience with influencer marketing. Crafted connects brands with top influencers, crafting campaigns that resonate and elevate your brand's digital presence, reaching millions effortlessly. Let TikTok & Reels influencers amplify your message in an impactful way.

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Organic Social Offering

Organic UGC Video

Maximize brand reach with organic User-Generated Content (UGC) on platforms like TikTok & Reels. Crafted connects you with real users who create compelling, shareable content about your product. Boost brand trust and engagement through the power of authentic stories and genuine endorsements.

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Video Ads Offering

Paid Video Ads

With Crafted, effortlessly create standout video content tailored specifically for video ads. Boost your CTRs significantly. Ensure your ad campaigns resonate, drive engagement, and make a lasting impact. Harness the full potential of TikTok & Reels with our specialized, results-driven approach.

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Track campaign performance in real-time and adjust if necessary.

Monitor your campaign's progression instantaneously with our real-time tracking feature. Gain insights on performance metrics, allowing for timely adjustments and optimizations. Ensure your campaign remains on target, leveraging immediate feedback to maximize its potential and achieve desired outcomes.

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Crafted's Analytics Dashboard
Crafted Pre-Negotiated Rates

Only pay for what you get, no negotiating with influencers

Experience a transparent pricing model with Crafted. Pay solely for the results you receive, eliminating the hassle of influencer negotiations. Our platform ensures consistent rates, derived from genuine reach metrics, ensuring you get true value without prolonged price discussions.

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All-in-One Influencer Management Platform

Crafted offers a comprehensive influencer management solution. From campaign creation to influencer engagement, all processes are streamlined on our platform. Effortlessly launch, track, and optimize influencer campaigns, ensuring efficient management and measurable results, all under one digital roof.

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Crafted's Product Fulfillment Process
Crafted Video Catalog

Consistently produce high quality & high performing video content

Leverage our vetted network of thousands of creators to consistently produce top-quality and high-performing video content. Our creators consistently outperform in-house content teams and marketing agencies, ensuring that you get the best results for your brand.

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Build the best influencer campaign for your retail brand.

Build Brand Awareness

My Estimated Sales Lift:
20-40 units

Diversify Your Audience

Micro Influencers: 10-100k followers

My Estimated Campaign Viewership
300,000-500,000 views

Supporting Retail Launch

To support your launch, create a campaign that generates
533,333-1,066,666 views

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Customer Testimonials

Ready to be a leading innovator in Food CPG?

"We've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on highly produced photos and videos, but it hasn't been converting. Our highest performing content is low fi testimonials and recipes created by regular people."

"Crafted's creators are incredibly talented and engaging— coming up with unique applications for our product that we've never even thought of!"

"We've historically been creating social media content in-house but it's been more effective to have other people showcasing our product via Crafted."

"It's great when creators reach out asking to make content, but it's super tedious negotiating rates, getting addresses, and finding the right folks one by one."

"We've really enjoyed working with UGC creators via Crafted - in particular, it's a huge time saver for us as a lean team to not have to be on top of the creators to make sure they submit timely content etc.! And also much easier for us to deal with/pay a known rate via Crafted than dealing individually with creators!"


Get up close and personal with Step into the home kitchens of your favorite foodies to learn how to slice, dice, and simmer like a pro


Stock up your kitchen with real time creator favorites from knives to spices to pasta — purchasable directly from the cooking show.


Crafted is like the chill, relatable Food Network. None of the commercials, production, or TV stars, but all of the bloopers and authenticity.
Crafted creators
two girls cooking vegan low carb spaghetti on a livestream cooking show
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