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Spread the Word: FINE & RAW's Recipe for ROAS with Crafted's UGC Ad Creative

This case study highlights the successful collaboration between FINE & RAW Chocolate, Growphoria, and Crafted, focusing on leveraging high-quality, authentic user-generated video content to enhance digital marketing strategies. By targeting specific challenges such as increasing engagement and optimizing cost-efficiency, the partnership achieved remarkable results including doubled advertising spend, significant improvements in click-through rates, and a notable decrease in cost-per-acquisition. The initiative demonstrates the power of tailored, engaging content in elevating brand presence and campaign performance on digital platforms, particularly Meta, showcasing a strategic approach to digital advertising and user-generated content.
Case Studies

Savoring Success: Crafted and Soom's Recipe for Digital Prowess at Publix

Soom teamed up with Crafted to harness the power of UGC, proving that a spoonful of creativity can lead to shelves of success. Learn more about how Crafted helped bring to life Soom's presence in Publix, but also drove reach and engagement to a targeted audience. If you are on the fence about ad creative testing, UGC, or drive-to-retail content, give this case study a read.
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Navigating Tied House Laws: Crafting Effective Alcohol Marketing Strategies for Instagram Reels and Meta Ads

Tied House Laws requires a delicate balance between creativity and compliance in alcohol marketing on platforms like Instagram Reels. By understanding the nuances of these regulations and integrating them into content strategies, brands can effectively promote their products while respecting legal boundaries. Embracing collaboration with retailers and crafting engaging narratives that resonate with consumers are key pillars of success in the ever-evolving landscape of alcohol marketing.



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