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Savoring Success: Crafted and Soom's Recipe for Digital Prowess at Publix

Soom teamed up with Crafted to harness the power of UGC, proving that a spoonful of creativity can lead to shelves of success. Learn more about how Crafted helped bring to life Soom's presence in Publix, but also drove reach and engagement to a targeted audience. If you are on the fence about ad creative testing, UGC, or drive-to-retail content, give this case study a read.
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Navigating Tied House Laws: Crafting Effective Alcohol Marketing Strategies for Instagram Reels and Meta Ads

Tied House Laws requires a delicate balance between creativity and compliance in alcohol marketing on platforms like Instagram Reels. By understanding the nuances of these regulations and integrating them into content strategies, brands can effectively promote their products while respecting legal boundaries. Embracing collaboration with retailers and crafting engaging narratives that resonate with consumers are key pillars of success in the ever-evolving landscape of alcohol marketing.
Video Ads

YouTube Ads Launch Playbook: Maximize for Food & Beverage Brands

Discover how to launch effective YouTube ad campaigns for food and beverage brands in 2024. Understand the significance of YouTube Shorts and YouTube Select in capturing billions of daily views and aligning ads with relevant content. Explore how Crafted can help you effortlessly create impactful YouTube ads, connecting your brand with vetted creators to drive brand awareness and retail conversions.
Video Ads

Mastering the Art of Scaling Video Ads for Food & Beverage

Discover how to scale your video ads for your food and beverage brand in 2024 with essential strategies like optimizing landing pages, understanding key metrics like ROAS and CTR, and navigating different stages of the sales funnel. Learn the importance of strategic channel focus and addressing the law of diminishing returns. This guide provides insights for effectively expanding your video ad campaign's reach while maintaining efficiency, crucial for any brand looking to grow in the digital advertising landscape.
Video Ads

Essentials of Crafting Impactful Video Ads For Food & Bev Brands

Master the art of creating effective food & beverage video ads for 2024 with key strategies. Learn to experiment with ad creatives, including different cinematic styles and video lengths, to find the perfect narrative for your audience. Discover how strategic content construction and ongoing experimentation can drive viewer engagement and conversions for your food or beverage brand. Explore expert solutions for crafting engaging video ads that resonate with audiences and transform your advertising campaigns.
Video Ads

Choosing the Right Ad Platform for Food and Beverage Brands

Navigate the marketing landscape to select the best advertising platform for food and beverage brands. Learn the importance of uniform testing across platforms and demographic targeting to maximize ad impact. Discover strategies for adapting to trends and audience shifts, ensuring your campaigns resonate with your target audience. Explore how tailored video ads can significantly boost your brand's engagement and reach.
Video Ads

Maximizing Impact with Video Ads in Food & Beverage Marketing

Uncover the crucial role of video ads in 2024's food and beverage marketing. Explore how visual storytelling captivates audiences, the strategic objectives across the buying cycle, the significance of social media video ads, and crafting compelling content. Learn how video ads can effectively communicate complex brand messages and engage viewers, making them an indispensable tool in the digital landscape. Discover how Crafted can enhance your video advertising strategy, from mastering storytelling to creating impactful social media content.
Video Ads

Mastering Video Ad Experimentation: A Guide for Food and Bev

Dive into the essentials of effective video ad testing and measurement for food and beverage brands. Understand how to apply insights to refine your video ad strategy and the importance of a constant flow of creative content. Discover how Crafted's platform can enhance your video ads creation and testing, offering a comprehensive approach to perfect your brand's advertising strategy.



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