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Crafted Vs IZEA

Crafted vs. IZEA Comparison
Product Crafted Amplify IZEA
Industry Focus Omnichannel Brands, especially Food and Beverage Varied Industries
Content Offerings Food-related videos, recipes, cooking, testimonials, showcases, video ads, product reviews Photos & Videos
Platform Core Strength Drive-to-retail campaigns for retail conversions, authentic UGC & cooking content Social Listening, Content Harvesting, Robust Infleuncer Campaign Management w/ eCommerce Performance Data (IZEA Flex)
Influencer Management Software All-in-One Platform for Influencer Management Robust Platform for Influencer Management, including AI Storyboarding, Content Discovery for Brands, File Management
Integrations None currently Integrates with Shopify, Google Analytics for Tracking, Gmail for Communications
Creator Negotiation Process Transparent pricing based on expected reach, no need for direct negotiations with creators You will need to negotiate with creators
Hyper-Targeting Capabilities Location requirements specified in Creative Brief Location-based Search Criteria
Content Review Ability to review video drafts and send revision notes Ability to review video drafts and send revision notes
Product Fulfillment Tools Supports Promo Code for eComm websites, Shipping to Creators, In-Store Pickup & Reimbursement Not mentioned
Influencer Search and Discovery Automated outreach to curated influencer network, vetted for food & beverage, cooking content Topical based influencer search capabilities, prior Shopify performance and audience demographics
Campaign Reporting Performance Tracking and Expected ROI Measurement Performance Tracking and eCommerce ROI Measurement
Channels Supported TikTok, Instagram Reels Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok
Pricing Structure Monthly software fee, Pay per asset & add-on, Performance-Based pricing on CPM basis generated on expected reach Monthly software fee for software, limit on hosted content assets, tracking links

In the influencer marketing space, Crafted Amplify and IZEA Creator Marketplace + Flex represent two distinct approaches, each with its unique strengths and focus areas.

Crafted Amplify specifically caters to omnichannel brands, with a strong emphasis on the food and beverage industry. Its key strength lies in drive-to-retail campaigns and authentic user-generated content (UGC) like food-related videos, recipes, cooking content, testimonials, showcases, and product reviews. Crafted's platform is performance-based, compensating influencers proportionally to their expected reach, which fosters efficiency and effectiveness in marketing spend. It also supports promo codes for e-commerce, shipping to creators, and in-store pickup & reimbursement for product fulfillment, adding to its versatility. Crafted Amplify offers hyper-targeted campaigns, ensuring content is relevant and impactful. The platform primarily focuses on TikTok and Instagram Reels, aligning with current trends in short-form video content.

IZEA, on the other hand, provides a more varied industry focus. Its core strengths include social listening and content harvesting, which are integral for brands looking to monitor online mentions and harness existing content about their products. BrandGraph, a tool from IZEA, contributes valuable insights into campaign performance and industry trends. This data-driven approach allows brands to refine strategies and benchmark against industry standards, a feature particularly useful for those prioritizing competitor benchmarking. IZEA Flex, in particular, offers robust influencer campaign management with detailed eCommerce performance data. The platform's unique features include AI storyboarding, content discovery, and file management, making it a comprehensive tool for influencer management. IZEA's integration with Shopify, Google Analytics, and Gmail enhances its functionality, allowing for seamless tracking and communication. While IZEA provides free and affordable tools, it's important to note that some manual effort may be required, such as adding influencers into the system. IZEA also requires brands to negotiate directly with creators, which can be time-consuming and may lead to higher costs. IZEA supports a broader range of social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Both platforms offer influencer management software, content review capabilities, and performance tracking. However, Crafted Amplify's pricing structure includes a monthly software fee with performance-based pricing, making it more accessible and scalable for brands with varying budgets. IZEA, while offering a monthly software fee, also has limits on hosted content assets and tracking links.

In conclusion, for brands in the food and beverage sector or those focusing on drive-to-retail strategies, Crafted Amplify is an ideal choice due to its specialized content offerings, performance-based compensation model, and hyper-targeting capabilities. It is particularly suited for brands leveraging the power of short-form video platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. IZEA, with its broad industry appeal, robust campaign management tools, and integrations, is well-suited for brands seeking comprehensive influencer marketing solutions with a focus on social listening and content harvesting across multiple social media channels.

Nov 14, 2023
Influencer Marketing

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